Preparing for the arrival of summer


The warmest season of the year is approaching and it is always good to prepare a little and remember some useful tips to enjoy this part of the year when we expose ourselves a lot to the sun and spend more time outdoors.

It seems obvious that we must wear the right clothes, that transpire and keep us cool, something that is not at all incompatible with dressing with elegance. Cotton or linen clothes are very suitable for summer. Footwear is another part of our clothing that we should never forget. After the cold months of winter and rainy spring, we must keep our feet cool. A very comfortable and traditional footwear that is back in fashion are the well-known espadrilles. Boots, sandals and loafers will complete our shoemaker.

Skin care
After the months that we have kept our skin under layers and layers of clothes, we all want to feel the warmth of exposing it to the sun. Before doing so you must remember that it is essential to protect it to avoid dark spots or burns that can end up causing a more serious health problem. The ideal is to prepare your skin for the sun exposure. A good exfoliation is the best option to remove impurities and dead cells, to get a new and shiny look on your skin, as well as a uniform sun tan. Of course you have to use a suitable sunscreen and keep it hydrated.

Food diet
Also, food we eat must be adapted to the season of the year. In summer we avoid the heavy dishes such as stews etc. that we are going to substitute for lighter meals. Something very traditional of the south of Spain is gazpacho or salmorejo (based on vegetables), as well as the "pescaito frito" typically from Malaga. Salads and lots of liquid will come to complete the summer diet.

With these brief tips you will enjoy a cooler and healthier summer!