Welcome another week to "Icon Now", where you will find everything interesting for you regarding your new home and the Icon lifestyle on the Costa del Sol.

Today we are going to comment on one of the most obvious and admired aspects of Icon Marbella: its architecture.

From the beginning we decided to invest in contemporary architecture, clean lines and volumes that play with the light of the Mediterranean. And so we did, but with a particularity: the villas of Icon would be designed by six prestigious architects.

Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson, Eduardo Oria, Hugo Torrico Camacho, Manuel Burgos Cornejo, José Muñoz Campos and Patrick Murphy were in charge of expressing their special vision in some villas that would get the difficult task of merging Art and Architecture.

Each of these professionals have shaped their idea of architecture, giving the villas of Icon Marbella a unique and unrepeatable singularity, turning each villa into a life experience, something really difficult to find today.

But let the images speak for themselves. We hope you enjoyed it and see you in a week!