7 basic golf etiquette rules that you should follow


Golf is not only about the rules of the game, there are also some other rules that have to do with the etiquette and the courtesy between players. Let's see some of them!

1. Dress appropriately
It is as simple as wearing proper golf shoes and comfortable clothes. We must flee from jeans and T-shirts.

2. Be punctual
It´s convenient to arrive in advance to the golf course, about 30 minutes, so you can familiarize yourself with the golf course or even practice on the driving range.

3. Who starts
It is common for players to form a circle and throw a tee into the air, the direction in which it points when falling determines who will be the first to start the game.

4. Pay attention to the other players
Taking into account the players who are at the golf course, is a very important part of the golf etiquette. You must make sure you know the position of others to avoid accidents such as hitting them with the ball.

5. Mark your balls
This is a little trick that will allow you to quickly identify your ball and gain some time to prepare for the next move.

6. Turn off the mobile phone
It is a basic etiquette rule that allows you to focus on the game, both you and the other players.

7. Always be prepared
With one or two minutes before your turn is enough. Meanwhile you can practice on a driving range, calculate the distance of the shot, etc. This way you will achieve the game to be fluid.